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[accordion title=”Frequently Asked Questions”]

[accordion-item title=”What are Unlimited Updates”]

“Unlimited Updates represents our commitment to service for our Clients. The goal of offering something like this in our hosting package is to be able to offer an extended level of convenience for our Clients that just are not 100% comfortable in the backend of WordPress just yet or have a quick change than can better explained better in a form submission than trying to actually go do it themselves. Here is the limits of the Unlimited Updates.

Updates must be submitted from the update form with Zero Exceptions. 

Updates have to be under the scope of what we think will take less than 15 min of our time.

Updates can not include any photo editing.

Updates can not be used for any new pages or posts.

Updates can not be submitted while there is a pending update being worked on and ticket open.

Updates that require the changing of content must have all the content in the submissions.

Update privileges can be revoked if abused.

If you have an update that your unsure about if it qualifies as an update you can always send an email to [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help you.

Other than than we will get in your site and help you keep it fresh, and help as much as we can.








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