Our web hosting service comes with unlimited updates.

The goal of this program is to allow you as the user to not get caught up and all the challenges of using technology. If you are using WordPress this is the absolute perfect program for you.

When you host with us it’s less about the infrastructure  and it’s more about the community. We empower all our clients to be able to leverage as much technology as possible but also the offer the convenience if your desire is to not do it yourself we will do it for you.


The purpose of our service is empower as  many people as possible to achieve their business objectives while having a support team to help them with the technology behind their business. All too often people forget the complexity of a proper technology solution. We’re here to help and support our clients where they don’t feel like they’re taking on the burden of complex technology all by themselves.

Here is how it works.

We start with hosting because it helps alleviate a tremendous amount of the bottlenecks that can happen when trying to work with a client.

We use one of the top rated WordPress hosting in the entire world and we would love to show you the difference.

This also enables us to keep our prices low to offer a monthly solutions like this because you’re basically under our roof of known systems. Second step is migrating your site over to our hosting and for structure.

We use a very robust and easy to use migration to that will make it a snap you can also preview at the site successfully moved over before we do any changes to your actual domain name.

We also offer the ability to host your DNS as well so you don’t have to worry about anything in your technology for that.

In the last step is once you’re on our program is to understand how our website works and what that means for the updates.

Our update program is meant to help support your business when you’re having challenges either updating content or you’ve got an issue somewhere. it’s not a solution to build out your website rather it’s meant to support you in your journey will offer as many suggestions that we can reasonably advise on but of course there will be things that are outside the scope.

Let me tell you about those now. The updates have to fall under a mindset and or umbrella that no single update can take our team longer than 15 minutes.

This is purely based off of our experience and somethings will just be more difficult than others and so certain things fall outside of the scope of that.

Also include any photo editing as part of the update this is purely to help support your quick delivery of certain posts or changes with things like. that we also limit the updates to one open update at a time meaning that you can’t deliver back to back to back updates this helps avoid any type of abuse that may occur with rapid updates that are don’t  support our community equally.


We also ask that once an update is completed that you notify us so we can mark your status to be available for the next update. all we ask to achieve that second check the update to make sure it was for according to your specifications and that you reply with a looks good.

That way we can close the update and get some feedback on how it performed. Feedback is a vital role because it ensures that we are continuously improving our service so we can offer the best service as humanly possible for us.

One of the goals we would like to accomplish is to be able to even help things outside of a content update. we even have built in training that clients are available for are eligible for twice a month with 15 minute increments from our support staff to answer any questions that you have in real time.


This type of training is invaluable for when you have issues that you just don’t know how to solve.

The reason why I was taking this approach I know firsthand how frustrating it is to work with new technology what it ends up being the bottlenecks of a successful business.

This method also allows us to understand the needs of all of our clients and clients in such a way to wear we can understand the biggest challenges small business project in order facing when they’re trying to not only launch but grow.

We hope you will take a look at our program feel free to reach out if you have any questions.